Hearing Preservation

Today I came across http://hearingpreservation.com, a website for an annual conference on what it sounds like – hearing preservation.  The abstracts from last year’s conference in Kansas City are online in a pdf file, and while most are only one page, and many go over my head by using technical terms for anontomy of the ear that I am not familiar with, there’s a lot that’s interesting to read.  I’ve sent a couple of emails to the presenters asking if they would share the whole presentation they gave with me. I think this one sums up the whole phenomomena of hearing preservation in cochlear implant recipients. Mean CNC word recognition performance was 76 and 86 percent in the electric only and bimodal conditions, respectively. The...

Another listening rehab website: from Med-El

I was looking for a good ‘what is a CI’ video and came across a press release from last week that talks about Med-El’s new SoundScape listening practice.  I don’t have my headphones with me at work today, but it looks like it would be useful and fun. http://www.medel.com/US/Rehabilitation/sound-scape.php

Welcome, Class of 2010

In the past few weeks since I started this blog and really started looking for other CIers to connect with I’ve been amazed at how many people are in the same place I am.  Surgery dates a week before mine, or people visiting the same CI center I am.  People who went ot the same college as me, or people who have shared a similar existence. Different experiences too.  Two people I talk to on IM are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  One is a girl who is hearing and wants to be (and will be!) part of the Deaf Community.  The other is a guy who is oral, knows no sign, and yet doesn’t think CIs are a better solution than hearing aids.  I know you’ll both read this 🙂 so, thanks for being a friend and sharing my moments with me. For the first...

Thoughts on the CI experience by Dr. Mark Ross

I read these sometime last fall I think: http://www.hearingresearch.org/Dr.Ross/CI-one.htm http://www.hearingresearch.org/Dr.Ross/CI-two.htm I was also particularly interested in his experiences with a CI to hear music. Unfortunately it wasn’t that encouraging. You can find those and all of his articles on hearing loss here: http://www.hearingresearch.org/ross.htm

Newest Audiogram and Tests from UNC CI Eval

Newest Audiogram and Tests from UNC CI Eval

Here is the audiogram from my CI evaluation at UNC on March 2nd. It clearly shows my right ear (Os) versus my left ear (Xs).  And shows that above 2000 Hz there was no response.  That’s one change in the last 10 years – I used to have a response at 3000 Hz.  (Edited to add: Maybe not, the only audiogram I have that shows a response at 3000 Hz was in 2006 when he tested down to 120 dB). Also to note, the (Ag) marks are With my hearing aids.  Normal hearing would be anywhere from 0Hz to 25Hz.  I think my hearing aids could probably be boosted a bit to help with the ranges that I can hear.  It seems like needing 50dB at 1500 Hz and 65 dB at 2000 Hz isn’t helping me a lot.  I’m planning to get someone to adjust my left hearing aid for...

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