Blog topics brain dump!

I want to write! But there are so many things that I want to write about that I draw a blank when I open this window to start.  Maybe a list will help… 4 months with CI CI #2?  2 CIs versus 1 CI and 1 HA versus bilateral EAS Music lately (wish I’d remembered to bring headphones to work today) Work – TX, LA, TX, PE exam, new suitcase to review (coming today!) Slides In A Flash – accept credit cards, paypal/google checkout, good old fashioned checks Photo hosting Twitter, Twitzap and tweetups Our sailing “vacation” The Kite Runner Using the phone, for work, for home, CapTel Web freelance work (woot!) Swimming Betsie the lawnbott (but she has her own blog I should write in!) AutoCAD – oh right, I’m supposed to be...

Too busy to write = Too busy to worry

One week from now I’ll hopefully be done with surgery and on my way home if not already home.  I won’t know what time to report on the 29th until the day before. Working backwards from there….. The night before surgery, Don and I will drive down to Chapel Hill and take up residence in the lovely Carolina Inn, across the road and a few blocks away from the hospitals.  (Don’t tell anyone, but the secret to staying at the Carolina is to use!)  I think we will ask if they can do a flexible checkout time or if we can decide late if we need to book another night… we will see, maybe a lot of people ask that since the hospital is right there. Earlier that day (Tuesday) I will be spending 5 hours in the car as my boss and I...

Wearing Jeans on Friday

Email sent out a few weeks ago at work: Please remember that you may only wear jeans on Fridays if you make a donation to the United Way. Friday is not a casual day. Employees are permitted to wear jeans on Fridays strictly as a fund raiser for the United Way. If you do not want to make a donation then do not wear jeans! Donation requirements are as follows: Employees $3 Management $5 The donation amounts above must be paid for each Friday that you wear jeans. You may pay cash or write a check to the United Way. Those of you who owe donation money (you know who you are) please pay me as soon as possible.

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