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How the CI brands leap-frog each other…

It’s nice that there are three brands of cochlear implants. The competition keeps everyone moving forward. Cochlear just had a new implant and processor approved, the Cochlear 5.  Here’s an example comparison posted to one of the mailing lists I’m on that shows how one brand is catching up with another.

With the advent of the Nucleus 5 from Cochlear, some have asked how slim and light the new processor really is and how does it compare with the other brands.

To that end, a tally, from the manufacturer’s specifications, of the latest models of the 3 US FDA approved brands.

With all shaped a bit differently, I only compared the maximum thickness, seemingly the most important consideration, along with weight.

All compared with the lightest rechargeable battery option.

Advanced Bionics Harmony: 13mm thick 12.9 gm ( PowerCell Slim)

Cochlear Nucleus 5 (CP110): 9mm thick 10.9 gm ( Compact Rechargeable)

MED-EL Opus 2: 8.7mm thick 10.1 gm ( Standard DaCapo Rechargeable)


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