The Future of Work

The Future of Work

Getting sick of these posts yet? 🙂 I keep posting them because this is something I feel strongly about. I enjoy my job but I don’t enjoy being tied to a desk all day. I want a job that encourages me to work efficiently and lets me decide the best way, place and time to do that. I’d like to be self-employed, but haven’t come up with the right way to do that yet.

Last night I was at dinner with my boss and another colleague. My boss said he doesn’t see himself ever retiring ever. He enjoys working and wouldn’t know what he would do instead. I offered him my job. I’d love to retire. They picked on me for that, saying “You’ve only been working 8 years, eight? What would you DO?” Oh, I could come up with a lot of things I’d do. It wouldn’t involve being in an office on a sunny day. It makes me sad that I spend well over 90% of my life indoors. Maybe I should start sleeping in a hammock… that’d be the easier fix.

So the following presentation is about the future of work – I’m glad that I’ll be around to see it. I don’t have a problem spending a third of my life earning a living, but why does it have to be so strict about the location and hours?

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