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NPR interview about CIs

Sometimes I forget that the things I post to the CI mailing lists I’m on might be good to put here too:

The transcript of this NPR show looks interesting. I haven’t gotten to listen to this yet (forgot to bring headphones to work, forgot to bring spare battery for CI #1 too! 3 weeks away sure messed with my morning routine).

Here’s a snippet:

Mr. JOSH STOHL (Doctoral Student): So we’re going to listen to the “Talk of the Nation” theme in its original form, as you and I would hear it.

(Soundbite of “Talk of the Nation” theme)

Mr. STOHL: Now we’re going to hear it as a cochlear implant patient would hear it.

(Soundbite of altered “Talk of the Nation” theme)

Mr. STOHL: And here is one of the algorithms that we’re currently working on, so you’ll notice an obvious improvement.

(Soundbite of altered “Talk of the Nation” theme)

The whole transcript and sound clip are here:

One friend has already said that their clip representations don’t sound like music with his CI at all… so I’m curious what others
think of the examples.

I know for me, music started out sounding very beepy and monotone with only a few different pitches, but over 8 months the rest of the pitches have filled in and it sounds close tow what I remember music sounding like.  It’s still a bit thin, and short notes don’t have much of a pitch to them, but it’s much much better than it was at initial turn-on.



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1 reply on “NPR interview about CIs”

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    with my CI’s I could immediately tell the lady (LESLIE COLLINS) has a southern accent … did you pick that up?

    The NPR “unaltered” music sounds just fine to me … the “altered” music sounds about how I first perceived music after I got my CIs… I’m not using any music enhancing programs at all…

    This story was recorded in October of 2005, so they have had 3 years to improve on things. Maybe I already have the improved software … who can tell?

    I had been thinking, that since my CI bilateral hearing seems excellent, that I would ask to try the music enhancement program and see how that works for me. Lately, I’ve discovered I can listen to NPR and music on my PC speakers without having to use a direct wired connection (just via air). Guess I’ll have to go try it 🙂

    .-= Dan Connell´s last blog ..(NL-0053) The CI works? You must be dreaming! =-.

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