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I’m now an ‘elected member’ of the band I play with.  My mom summed it up best by saying that I’m no longer considered a guest.  What really happen was the sax ensemble has kept me from skipping band rehearsals like I used to.  It definitely makes it more fun.  Band itself is still not perfect, not sure what exactly could change to help, I just know I’ve enjoyed other groups more than this one.

I’m waiting until after my appointment Monday to start announcing my plans to get a CI. My boss, Rupert, knows of course… but I don’t think he realizes I’ll be out of work after it.  You readers of this blog know obviously, but people like my real supervisor at work, the guy at work whos daughter has a CI, my band director, even my former audiologist at RIT… I haven’t wanted to tell everyone until I’m sure I know what’s happening.  Next week, I guess.  I’m excited.

Work is very busy. Personally I have one very big insulation project and I support all the other testing and R&D projects.   The company has a lot of new work coming in. Some labor repair work to be done in Guam, and a bunch in South Carolina.  It doesn’t affect my job, but it’s great for the company as a whole.  We also have 40+ shock tests to be done in the future.  I’ll probably be writing at least some of those reports. Maybe I should work on making my report script usable by someone other than me.

I’m definitely ready for spring. We might get out skiing again this Saturday. I love spring skiing, but last weekend was definitely not spring yet.


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