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An update in photos

It’s been a lovely lovely spring the last few days.

The tulips and flocks have been out.

IMG_8276 IMG_8265
Sunny Mowing It's alive!

Betsie has been keeping the lawn mowed short.  Even the baby white clover I planted for her to chew on is doing great.  I just scattered it around by hand – we’ll find out soon if this was a bad idea or not.  I’m just happy that something is growing in that bare dirt shady area!

Our new deck furniture is just wonderful despite being covered in pollen at the moment – this puts us about 3 weeks behind the folks in Chapel Hill, NC as they had excess pollen when we visited.



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1 reply on “An update in photos”

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    Sara says:

    I always adore seeing your pictures. 🙂 Betsie is adorable.

    Grow Clover, go!

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