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Another listening rehab website: from Med-El

I was looking for a good ‘what is a CI’ video and came across a press release from last week that talks about Med-El’s new SoundScape listening practice.  I don’t have my headphones with me at work today, but it looks like it would be useful and fun.



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1 reply on “Another listening rehab website: from Med-El”

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    Sara says:

    Hah, I just did this. It’s actually fun. Not that I need practice, but I was curious at how hard they made it. The adult one isn’t hard with sentences, per se, but I can imagine it gets difficult with noise added in and different speeds. Very good for downtime practice, but I don’t know how often you’ll always hear 3-5 word sentences. 🙂

    You find the coolest stuff!

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