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Allow me to introduce: Betsie Lawnbott

This will be the fourth year since I got Betsie, my Lawnbott. She’s a robotic lawnmower. In the beginning it was kind of like getting a new pet, I’d spend hours after work outside helping her mow the huge lawn at the house I was renting near Annapolis, Maryland. I think she caught up once. It was just too much, too weedy, too thick, to unprotected from the roads near by.

That fall we moved to Charlottesville and to our newly purchased house. It’s land is about 1/4 acre, with at least half of it in the front yard. It’s the nicest front yard on the street I say. Perfect for Betsie to take care of.

Ever since I got Betsie I’d wanted to put a wireless webcam onto her. Kind of like that guy did with his Roomba, or at least SAID that he did. I never saw it out vacuuming. Last summer I worked at it and succeeded. There’s articles about that over at Betsie’s Blog.

We were even interviewed to be on CBS Sunday Morning, but it never aired. That was before the webcam though. The webcam has definitely made things more interesting again.

Anyway, long story short – the webcam is working and Betsie is on her Maiden Mow of the spring! Hop over to her site and watch at or Follow her on Twitter to get alerts when she goes out to mow.


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