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Too busy to write = Too busy to worry

One week from now I’ll hopefully be done with surgery and on my way home if not already home.  I won’t know what time to report on the 29th until the day before.

Working backwards from there…..

  • The night before surgery, Don and I will drive down to Chapel Hill and take up residence in the lovely Carolina Inn, across the road and a few blocks away from the hospitals.  (Don’t tell anyone, but the secret to staying at the Carolina is to use!)  I think we will ask if they can do a flexible checkout time or if we can decide late if we need to book another night… we will see, maybe a lot of people ask that since the hospital is right there.
  • Earlier that day (Tuesday) I will be spending 5 hours in the car as my boss and I have to give a presntation at the Washington Navy Yard in DC – a 2.5 hour drive from here.  Thankfully the time assigned for the meeting is perfect.  We will go for lunch, have the meeting and be on the road again by 3pm.
  • No major plans for Sunday, and not much happening Monday at work. I do need to clean the house and find the guest room bed for my gramma.  I also just received 1600 or so slides to convert to digital. I’m thinking that will be what I’m doing during my recovery…. at least until the bandage comes off.
  • I am hoping that Saturday we will be going kayaking with some friends of mine on the Rivanna Reservoir here in town.  It’s supposed to be sunny and in the 80s for temperature.  Nice!
  • Friday is the P.E. Exam that I have been studying for since January.  It’s an 8 hour exam with an hour for lunch between the morning and afternoon sections.  I will be SO glad that it’s over!
  • Tomorrow I’m having lunch with some people from Twitter to support/listen to folks from the Red Cross.
  • Today I have a free evening!!! But I MUST organize my notes for the PE Exam (it is open book / notes but notes must be “bound.” We have a comb binding machine at work that will work great).  I also want to get started on those slides.
  • Last night was my spring band concert.  It went well, I am going to write a post about it sometime.

I won’t even go into the past few months – a trip to Vermont to ski, a trip to the Chicago suburbs for work, a trip to San Antonio TX for work, a few weekends away, a couple of trips to UNC…  it’s been non-stop since some time in February I think!



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3 replies on “Too busy to write = Too busy to worry”

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    I wish you the best of luck on your surgery! I’m sure you will do just fine! 🙂 Do keep us updated once you get out of the hospital!

    Kristi’s last blog post: there’s a hole in my knee

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    Mog says:

    Good luck for next week, keeping busy sounds a good approach.

    Mog’s last blog post: truthful pants

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