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Audiometric Tests (2 weeks with cochlear implant)

I was really looking forward to a new Map since most people seem to get a bunch of them right away after their activation and here it had been 16 days before I got my first new one.  Even so, and even after 15 years of hearing tests, I was nervous about the testing they would put me through.  I even told my audi, please, no words or sentences today? Just beeps?  Right.

So she tested my residual hearing first with ear inserts. My right ear (implanted) is still not quite back to a normal tympanogram and I can feel some fluid in there still. It’s only been 3 weeks since surgery, no surprise. So there’s still a chance more residual hearing will come back to that ear, hard to tell yet.  It is already a lot better than when they tested it 5 days after surgery.

The beeps with the CI were played through a speaker in the corner of the booth and were harder than I expected.  I suppose a hearing test is always hard since you have to struggle to hear the quietest you can hear. I still have tinnitus which makes listening for the beeps harder than it should be. Tinnitus always seems louder during this testing than any other time.


After creating this new audiogram my audi asked me to do some sentences for her. Pretty sure she said “just try” and well what am I going to do? Refuse?  The voice was a very strong male and the sentences were a mile long some of them.  This was my first “CUNY” test.  I wish they had done it before so I could compare.  The next test (“just try one more?”) was HINT sentences which I had done before. I was surprised at how quiet the voice was and I missed the first few sentences completely before I got into it. With sentences I usually get something so I was surprised that I couldn’t hear a single word in some of them.  I still scored 34%.  My HINT scores pre-CI for that ear was 16% (though with both ears it was close to 60%).  And then one final test, the single syllable CNC words. I managed to get 8%.

The funny thing about the CNC words especially is that my database is broken.  You see, I always take a guess at the word. Even though each word sounded like ‘blah’ to me, I would guess (except ‘cute’ sounded like cute).  I had a database of words in my head that matched each ‘blah’ that I heard and I usually scored 20% or so.  Now, with the implant, the ‘blah’ that I’m hearing is more like ‘sqckt’ and I don’t have any idea how to guess that word!  I’m hoping that my hearing improves enough that I don’t have to come up with a new list of imaginary words for my database, but time will tell.

I really try to avoid seeing the lists for any of these tests at all costs for fear of skewing the results.  Any time they start the HINT test with the list that begins with ‘The boy fell from the window’ I ask for a new list.



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5 replies on “Audiometric Tests (2 weeks with cochlear implant)”

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    Wow…your unaided and then CI aided results show a large improvement! Glad it seems that the CI has shown improvement. Word discrimination is the hard part, but we all wish you the best and are following you on twitter.

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    Mog says:

    Sara, wow, it does look so much better on paper. I hope that the sounds become more normal soon. I love the way you write, with clarity and facts but not avoiding the emotions or the downs.

    BTW, what hearing aids did you have before. I looked at the audiograms and your hearing loss before CIs was greater than mine but of a similar type. I have Siemens Sentra SP, they were one of the few that were powerful enough. I used to have Phonak Savia 311 Forte before that.


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      Sara says:

      I have the Siemens Artis2 P. They were new to me in fall of 2007. The noise cancellation on them is really good but the CI filters voices out even better…

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    Mog says:

    Thats what I like about the Centra over the Savia. The sound is more comfortable and voices are easier to pick out. So, here’s hoping that the Opus 2 is right for me. – lol if I ever get a date.

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    Whitney says:

    Hi Sara,
    It is nice to read your blog. Let me tell you about myself. My name is Whitney. My sone is 10 months old and has profound hearing loss in both ears. We, me, his dad and his Dr. dicide to do CI for him but not sure either will do one ear or both ear yet, we have to test P1 test to determind on Oct 10 first. Our Dr. mention two divices to choose one with AB and the other with Med-el. So we try to get info. as much as we can to decide which one will suite him. If you don’t mind, I wonder can I get your email so we can ask you some question about the CI. I’ll be appreciated that.
    Sorry for the long text in here.
    Looking forward to hear from you.

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