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Post Op: Day Two

I remember someone else’s CI blog where they wondered if they had actually done anything to them during surgery or not… that’s pretty much how I feel.


I have some slight stiffness in my jaw and neck, a bandage on my head, my ear are is a bit tender and there’s dried stuff caked inside my ear that I’m trying not to pick at.

My taste is definitely messed up – I can’t taste anything at all except on the very left side of my tongue. Milk tastes like water, water tastes good and minerally. Grains that I normally eat taste bland. I’m wondering how spicy food would be. Liquids and soups seem the best as they fill my whole mouth and I don’t have to keep food on just the left side to taste it. Surprisingly soda tastes good, normally it’s way too sweet to enjoy.

I must be hungry – we are off to find some lunch.


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8 replies on “Post Op: Day Two”

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    Mog says:

    Looking good, if a bit tired and befuddled.

    Take it easy now

    Mog’s last blog post: a cat in a garden

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    Everything goes well stupidly on the metallic taste is normal and I was also the passenger, the taste lasted a week.


    Sun Melody’s last blog post: Aeroporto em Lágrimas

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    Everything goes well stupidly on the metallic taste is normal and I was also the passenger, the taste lasted a week.


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    Hey Ya Sara!

    Good to see you up and about!

    About the taste… I have the same issue more than a month after my surgery. Still.

    Doctor said it could last 6 months or more. Really frustrating sometimes. I’ve found that fruit, shrimp, fish, crab, lobster, and almost any veggie (except french fries) will taste really good.

    Lipton Brewed Tea and coffee tastes ok too. Diet Coke tastes bland, but Diet Dr. Pepper is intense. Grains taste like cardboard. Spicy food are tasty, but I haven’t had a lot of them. Mostly I stick to eating grapefruit and a bagel for breakfast, eggs are ok, grits and cheese are really good, pancakes are not good. The rest of the day I’ve been eating almost nothing. I just don’t want anything because now I seem to have an internal feeling that foods will have the texture of styrofoam. Yeeks…

    Hang in there though! I’m happy to be hearing and I can stand to lose some weight anyway !

    Cheers !


    Dan Connell’s last blog post: (NL-0034) CI Music Calibration Part 1

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    Good to hear that things went well. Yes, don’t pick. And stay away from other people if you can … you don’t want to pick up a cold. Believe me, sneezing is NOT fun – like having a firecracker go off too close!

    3.5 months after my op, I still have some taste disturbance. So I’m a bit encouraged to read Dan’s comment that it can last for 6 months. At least the smell is unaffected so wine is still pretty good. I found tangerine oranges (in season back in Jan) tasted & felt like plastic food wrap.

    Sounds like your balance is unaffected, too.

    Steve’s last blog post: Gender Shift

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    I don’t mean to rub it in, but I have no problems with taste or any numbness whatsoever… my appetite is still kicking as strong as ever, and I still like the same foods.

    But I still feel rawness, tenderness, and sometimes a sharp jabbing pain inside my ear beyond where the Q-tip goes. Especially if I burp. But it sometimes happens for no apparent reason. I hope that’s normal…

    Nabeel’s last blog post: Post-op Day 2

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    Sorry I’ve only commented you up until now (crew’s been keeping me away from the internet). It’s good to see you up and blogging! About that pain in your ear… I vaguely remember than happening to me too. It will go away soon! I didn’t experience the taste issues that you had… interesting. I remember the tenderness and stiffness like it was yesterday.
    I’m glad you are doing so well post-op! I had a pretty severe reaction to the anesthesia (my entire face swelled up and I got pretty nauseous).
    Sending wishes to your recovery!

    Kristi’s last blog post: all is going well

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