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Residual hearing

I know I have some residual hearing in my implanted ear. Right after surgery Dr Buchman scratched on my bandage with his fingernail and asked if I could hear it. I could can still can. I can also hear my cat, Tayden, purring if I lay my head right on him. Both ears. With my unimplanted ear I can hear Don’s heart beat if I lay my head on his chest. These are all low frequency sounds but fairly quiet ones. It is hard to tell what I can still hear in the implanted ear because I didn’t often spend time without my hearing aids in. It seems like I can hear my fingers snapping right by the bandage.

Mostly it seems like I’m still deaf on one side but it’s reassuring that the low frequencies are still there.

I’ll have more to post when I get unbandaged and try my hearing aid in that ear. Not for a few more days though. I don’t want any loud noises making things worse.


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5 replies on “Residual hearing”

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    Haven’t tested my implanted ear for residual hearing, but no hearing aids on it for at least a week. I could ask my mom to clap her hands behind my ear…

    Nabeel’s last blog post: Post-op Day 2

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    Ace says:

    Nice 😀 🙂

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    Dorie says:

    That’s so cool!

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    Jessica Reidies says:

    You know – it’s possible – but it’s also quite likely that what you’re hearing is being transmitted from one ear to the other via bone conduction.

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