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My thoughts on “Sound and WAY Beyond”

I’ve been curious about the Sound and WAY Beyond auditory training from Cochlear (one of the 3 cochlear implant brands).  Problem is, it’s $99 (maybe more since I’m not a Cochlear customer) and it doesn’t run on a Mac (believe it or not I’m not set up to run Windows on my Mac. I have never needed to!).  I do have a PC laptop for work that I could use, but still, it’s a lot of money to spend for something that might not really fit my needs anyway.

So I was looking on the web for more information about this software when I came across something surprising.  A Free Demo version that I could download!  I’m not sure if this is an approved demo for distribution online or what the deal is, but I am very happy to have found it.

For more info check out this article, An Interview with VP for Consumer Affairs at Cochlear.

My thoughts on the product:

Any closed set sentences are too easy for me.  I can tell sentence A from B or C or D.  Words are a little harder, but still too easy if I’m given a choice to choose from.  However, the software also provides Open sets where you have to type the sentence you think you heard or type the word.  This is definitely harder and better practice for me.  Sometimes I type the wrong spelling of the same word and lose points, but that’s just a minor annoyance.

I found the sounds on the training in the environmental sounds very very annoying and no way to say ‘ok, I get it! skip to the next one now!’

The music module is great too.  I think it’s pretty optimistic sometimes, I have had ear training in music threory classes that was easier than some of the exercises.  In one exercise they give you the starting pitch and you can choose if you want to hear one, two, three additional pitches.  Then you have to write what yo hear on the staff.  So it’s ear training and written training at the same time.  There is also a ‘name the instrument’ after hearing just a single note.  I can tell the piano from the others, but the violin and the trumpet recordings sound about the same to me, even with my hearing aid.

Bottom line, if they had a Mac version I would buy it, but since they don’t, the demo version that I can only use at work is really nice to have.  It isn’t a very limited demo, except that the tests quit after 5 “questions” and take you back to the menu.  It also will not save any statistics for you.



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8 replies on “My thoughts on “Sound and WAY Beyond””

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    I looked for Sound and WAY Beyond a demo , for ages , and u just provided a link! Awesome..although it did take ages to download , I loaded it and it seemed good ..

    but I have a concern.You say that its not playable on Mac.Yeah , that’s true , but u can play it with some special software ( like Parallel Desktop or Bootcamp ) on your Mac.Maybe it’s worth looking into it.

    Anyway thanks for the link.

    Vivie’s last blog post: Why I Chose Cochlear?

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      Sara says:

      You are right, I could do that but I don’t even have a copy of Windows to install anyway. Plus the full version apparently costs $250 or so for non-cochlear patients.

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    I totally love it. Great stuff.

    It’s probably more challenging for me than it is for you (I haven’t even gotten to the open set stuff yet), but I practice with it every day.

    I agree that some of those environmental sounds are annoying! I’m always messing with the volume, turning it down for the annoying ones and up for the other sounds.

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    By the way, when I’ve been doing words and sentences, I look away from the screen when it says it the first time… to see if I can get it. Most of the time I don’t, so I click replay and read the sentences while I hear it. THEN I click replay again and look away from the screen… just to hear it again while knowing what was said. Just a good practice tip.

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    Seth says:

    I also use Sound and Way Beyond daily. It’s been almost 3 weeks since activation, however the last week or so I don’t feel that I’ve made any progress on it.

    I do great on all the word tests that are based on a category. Most vowel and consenent tests are somewhere around level 4 and up. What I’m curious is about the pure tone tests.

    I still can’t reliabily get above a 90% on lvl 4 and 5 pure tones. Some of the tones just sound exactly the same, have any of you tried these?

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    Seems like Sound and Way Beyond is now $25 from Cochlear’s webstore? I was looking into it for myself, and still haven’t heard back from my audie about the program. But I registered on Cochlear’s webstore (as a non-cochlear nucleus user), and the price is $25 plus whichever shipping you choose.

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      Sophia says:

      A more advanced version of “Sound and WAY Beyond” is also FREELY available at the following link:

      Both “Angel Sound” and “Sound and WAY Beyond” are based on CAST technology developed by TigerSpeech Technology. However, Angel Sound includes more advanced protocols and training modules.

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    Pete Breeding says:

    I did the angle sound download several days ago , the download took over 6 hours ,used the program several day already . Later sent email asking about the CD .
    The said send us your address.
    I received the CD today every thing free even the shipping.
    Can’t beat that .


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