Norwegian Sign Language?

This came into my email recently, pretty interesting…. If you’ve never checked out Couch Surfing before, their website is a global community of people who want to host and be house guests.  We have hosted probably half a dozen times now.  It’s always interesting to talk to different people and show them around town. The site also has groups for user-created topics. This is from the Deaf and Signing Couch Surfers group.

Arnt Joakim Wrålsen posted this message to: Deaf and Signing Couch Surfers

A Norwegian Sign Language dictionary can be found here:

(Click on the link that says “Klikk for å åpne Tegnordbok – Beta”.)

To sign “Happy Birthday” – look up the three signs for the words “gratulere” “med” “dag” (“gratulerer med dagen” means “Happy Birthday” in Norwegian).

You can also look up any letter you want. 🙂

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  1. David
    Mar 18, 2010

    I am taking ASL currently and am amazed when I chat on internet with the D/deaf community that their are different versions (BSL and Ausie Sign to begin with) Norwegian is a first for me hearing of this.
    Interesting site and thanks!

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