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Awesome photos from Telluride, Colorado

IMG_8082.JPGOne of my favorite places ever to ski and to visit is a tiny town in the Southwest corner of Colorado called Telluride.

I’ve been there four times over the last five years staying around a week each time.  The town is small but very nice to walk around with many places to visit.  You don’t need a car once you are there because you can walk right to the ski lifts.  The gondola offers free transportation to the more modern and built up side of the mountain called Mountain Village.

The skiing is a fabulous mix of miles of beginner runs that take half an hour to make it all the way down and tons of lovely expert terrain with enough steeps and trees and bumps to wear anyone out.  Then there is the Hike-To terrain, and even back country access and heli-skiing right from Telluride… things I’m only dreaming about since in my brief visits I’ve never run out of in bounds terrain.

Last year I skied with a local who showed me some cool ‘between the lines on the map’ glades. This year I went into the woods by myself and didn’t have a very good time of it not coming out where I expected and taking much longer to find my way back to where I was meeting Don.  Thankfully I ended up in territory I saw last year with my guide and knew where I was then. It’s always nice to be shown around by a local who calls a new resort their home.

Someday I’d like to get out to experience skiing something like this:  Touring in Telluride


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