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Skiing and living in the South

Living in Charlottesville means that I don’t get much of a real winter.  Not like NY, not even like NJ.  It does get cold, into the 20s sometimes even, but there isn’t a lot of snow.  When it does snow it doesn’t stick around.

Strangely, I am closer to a ski resort than I was when I lived in NJ.  Wintergreen is about 45 minutes away from home and even closer to work.  Yet, I haven’t been there at all this year.

The biggest reason is that the place gets soo crowded. If I had more opportunities to play hookie from work I would go. If it wasn’t $65 for a weekend day pass… Sorry, I’ll save my money and ski somewhere worth going to.

We went to Telluride over Christmas, I skied four gorgeous days in a row (two snowy, two sunny)  and I have not been on the snow since.

But now we are headed to Davis, WV and will ski at Canaan Valley or Timberline with some friends up there.  I’m excited.



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