Thoughts on the CI experience by Dr. Mark Ross

I read these sometime last fall I think:

I was also particularly interested in his experiences with a CI to hear music. Unfortunately it wasn’t that encouraging.
You can find those and all of his articles on hearing loss here:


  1. Nabeel
    Mar 25, 2009

    Interesting read, thanks for posting. I’m getting a CI soon…

    Nabeel’s last blog post: Surgery Date

  2. Dan Connell
    Mar 25, 2009

    This is really a great synopsis by Dr. Ross. Thanks for pointing it out. It’s well written and concise. It will be interesting for me to see if my CI activation is as easy. Hope so.

    Dan Connell’s last blog post: (NL-0020) CI Procedure Side Effects

  3. Ace
    Mar 26, 2009

    I read this yesterday. He went from 18% to 90% on monosyllabic words. He also hears more environmental sounds as well as birds singing. Do you still hear birds? I haven’t heard birds in many months, probably over a year now. I never even noticed I lost that ability and simply thought there were no birds near or that they didn’t sing.

    He got a good result, not surprisingly since his worse ear has an average of 110db loss, that’s worse than even my ears. He didn’t provide his audiogram, it’s possible he has/had significent residual hearing at 250Hz. The average residual hearing of someone getting CI is about as bad as mine from the blogs I read that include their audiogram. Over 90% of any hearing impaired people have a sloping loss with more(sometimes much more) low frequency(500Hz and below) hearing.

    A progressive hearing loss, if not very gradual lets the person know what he’s missing. I was born with hearing only slightly better than what I have now. I lost a little more high frequency and can no longer hear birds, whistles(other than the woosh sound of air) and the highest octive on a piano. It’s been so long I hardly remember those sounds.

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