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Kite skating

When I lived at the NJ Shore I got into flying ‘power kites’ or ‘traction kites’ on land. These huge airfoils are flown on four lines giving the kite pilot perfect control over their flight path. Flying loops and figure eights is fun, but these kites are designed for Pulling power.

Kite buggying, endlessly more popular in Europe than in the US, led to kiteboarding in water and snow kiting. My favorite though has been kite skating.

In Manasquan, NJ there is a national guard training field. My guess is that it measures a mile wide by 3 miles long. It’s also oceanfront. Just one sand dune separates it from the shore creating the perfect wind for kites. I went kite skating here half a dozen times before I moved away. Just lots of fun. I need to see if I can find any clean wind locally. It’s hard when you live in the hills.



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3 replies on “Kite skating”

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    Wow, that looks like fun. Wonder if that kite can pull an old fat guy around on the ice? 😉 Of even if the ice would hold me up 😉

    Funny. In all the years I lived in Rochester, I never once tried ice skating or snow skiing. I can blade skate and I can water ski… but at least there are no trees to run into in the middle of a lake or the bay !

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    Wow! Kite skating. How nice! I think it’s gonna be great!

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