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Piccolos? Yes, I hear them.

I used to joke that I did great in band, my hearing loss didn’t prevent me from playing, I could hear everyone… except the piccoolos.  And people would laugh and say that I wasn’t missing anything, or even that I was lucky to not hear them.

When did I first realize I was hearing them with my cochlear implant? During Stars and Strips Forever. It’s always been obvious that there’s piccolo stuff going on there in that song. All the flutes play piccolos and they usually stand up and sometimes even move to the front of the stage. It’s a big show and impressive because they have to have the music memorized… but it wasn’t something I could hear.

So now I have two songs that leave me choked up and make it difficult to play. Pomp and Circumstance at graduations and Stars and Stripes. Great. 🙂

Here’s a couple of videos. The first one is hearing impaired people friendly – it’s like a player piano scroll for Stars and Stripes Forever. I’m curious to see if it helps any of you follow the music.

And this one is the piccolo part. I’m finding it actually pleasant to listen to. The ‘solo’ starts at about 2:07.



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6 replies on “Piccolos? Yes, I hear them.”

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    The video is awesome. Nice blog. (googlereaderbookmarked)

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    Hy Sarah! I can hear it very well with my CI … this is the first time I’ve listened to “stars and stripes” since I last played this in band (30 years ago in jr high school !) .. I don’t think that even back then I could hear the piccolos… nice to hear them at last. Great post.



    Dan Connell’s last blog post: (NL-0041) Sounds only Dogs can Hear

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    mog says:

    Hi Sara

    Not surprisingly I can’t hear anything. I’ll come back to this in a few weeks and see how it sounds then. Switch on is next Thursday. It’s so encouraging to read how well you are doing.

    bye for now

    mog’s last blog post: then and now, healing nicely

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    My implants are off right now, but I will try listening to the videos during the day 🙂
    I see you lost your hearing suddenly, so I assume that you had normal hearing before. Do music and instruments with a CI sound the same as you remember them? I ask because I play the violin, and had only been playing a 9 or so months before my hearing got worse and I recieved my first CI. I’ve been playing for over three years now, and I do so/so. There are plenty of kids better than me, but there’s also a lot who are much worse! I’ve heard that having CIs really limits enjoyment/perception of music, and was just curious if that is your experience?

    PinkLAM’s last blog post: No Two Ears Alike-Part 2:Activation

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    My hearing loss is unusual in that I hear better in the piccolo and tuba ranges; voice range is difficult for me. My hearing aides help a lot. I have a music degree, ironically. I tell people it’s not about the volume of the sound; it’s about the quality. Some day my sense of pitch will be gone; my loss is progressive. By then, I hope I’ll have Stars and Stripes memorized so I can hear it in my head!

    Daisy’s last blog post: Honey Grilled Chicken with Garlic

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    I can’t even try this out because we haven’t been able to get the speakers to work on this computer since we got it in December… and not for lack of trying… but… I totally think it is awesome you can hear this now!!! I really think it’s cool that you are even in a band. I was always about 4 beats behind everyone else on the flag corp back in the day. 😛

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