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Slides In A Flash

Let’s start with a photo:

Slide carousels to eBay

These slide carousels have been sitting there for over a year now. Where did they come from?  Well, I have a home business called Slides In A Flash where I convert old slide photos to digital images.  Last summer I had a lovely man say he was going to send me ten carousels… he sent 35!  He didn’t want them back either, so I kept them.  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have much value.  eBay even has it’s own category for slide trays.

So, I just posted an ad on freecycle to see if I can give them away.

For my business I will hang on to 4 or 5 of them.  I use them to automate the process I have… but I don’t need 30 extras, and it would be nice to get that room clean.

As for Slides In A Flash, this is my third year with the business and I am still enjoying it. It’s a nice combination of photography, technology and creativity.  My favorite part has been choosing a photo to use to print onto the disk as a label.  The of the print quality always amazes me.

My other favorite part has been going through some of my family slides.  Here is one of my grandpa and his sister maybe her son sailing.

SLD 070210 0026



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4 replies on “Slides In A Flash”

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    Hey Sarah ! Can you do VCRs to CD’s I have a 20 year old VCR tape of my grandparents and other family members … I have no way to view it anymore. bummer.

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    Great concept! I wonder if my brother would like to convert our old slides? I’ll send him the link.

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    erin says:

    i did that with my mom for my grandpa’s 70th. that was a lot of work. but he loved it!

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