Second (lett) Activation – December 29, 2009

Last night one of the local news weather people was asking on Twitter for favorite memories of 2009. I didn’t write in, but my favorite memory of 2009 was only a few hours old. My new CI was activated yesterday afternoon and after going through and setting the comfortable volume level on 11 electrodes three or four times (louder each time) it was finally turned on. The robot sing-song monotone voice was back but this time it was speech and not beeping. Don and Carrie sounded exactly the same but after five minutes that had already changed. With just the new ear I feel like I am about two or three weeks ahead of last time. With both sides together I’ve kept my eight months of progress with one CI and added to it. Already. .

So far, so good

Had my second CI surgery today and am now bilateral. I missed my pre-op appointment due to being snowed in from the storm Friday and Saturday with no plows in sight on my street. I was pretty worried but when I called to tell them they said just come for surgery, they could do everything then if I could get there. And by Tuesday morning my street had been cleared (72 hours later!). This actually worked out nice because I’d have had to stay down there from Monday to now for what clearly was an unessential visit. Anyway, things went fine, about 3 hours, very minimal pain after and no percocet at all. I made a somewhat conscious effort to look awake and the nurse asked if I wanted to go home and if I wanted my clothes. After that I stayed awake. It seemes...

Waiting and snow storms

Today is the day. I’m not first this time so have to wait more I think. Not terribly hungry due to stomach butterflies. I had to reschedule/cancel my pre-op appointment that was supposed to be two days ago because Charlottesville got over two feet of snow. The snow stopped Saturday night but my street didn’t see a single plow until about 3 am Tuesday morning. I called the surgeon’s nurse Monday morning and she said they could just do any workup before surgery today. Makes sense since I’ve been through this before 8 months ago. I had a bit of a travel adventure last Friday night. I was in San Antonio all last week for work and my flight home didn’t land in Richmond, VA until after 10pm. The snow storm was predicted to start between 6...

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