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Waiting and snow storms

Today is the day. I’m not first this time so have to wait more I think. Not terribly hungry due to stomach butterflies.

I had to reschedule/cancel my pre-op appointment that was supposed to be two days ago because Charlottesville got over two feet of snow. The snow stopped Saturday night but my street didn’t see a single plow until about 3 am Tuesday morning.

I called the surgeon’s nurse Monday morning and she said they could just do any workup before surgery today. Makes sense since I’ve been through this before 8 months ago.

I had a bit of a travel adventure last Friday night. I was in San Antonio all last week for work and my flight home didn’t land in Richmond, VA until after 10pm. The snow storm was predicted to start between 6 and 9pm and go until as late as Sunday morning.

My connection was through Houston, so no problems with the first leg. Surprisingly we left for Richmond on time too.

As we were landing I had my nose pressed against the window. I couldn’t see any snow!! I’d been anxious because people were saying I shouldn’t drive home that night. It didn’t hit me until I heard the captain announce something longer than usual that we weren’t in Richmond.

I panicked for a second and then remembered my phone has a lovely GPS map program. Sure enough – Norfolk Airport. A good hour and a half further from home.

We got to get off the plane while they figured our the plan. We were told if we left we were on our own and TSA was already gone so we couldn’t get back in. We were told that Richmond was trying to keep their short runway plowed so we could land there but it was snowing so heavily that their single plow couldn’t keep up. By the time they plowed one half the other half was covered again. We were told that they had tried to get us there by bus but the roads were so bad the bus company refused to do it. So we waited. Somehow I found an outlet with power and was able to use the free wifi. They brought us pizza and canned soda which both vanished fast. Finally around 1:30am they told us they had found two busses to take us to Richmond but it might take four hours due to the roads.

We got all our bags and the busses came at 2am. We were in Richmond at 4:30. I decided to try to drive home.

I’m from NY where we often get snow but where it always gets plowed quickly. Luckily VDOT was hard at work on the Interstate. It was slippery and snowy but with minimal traffic and decent visibility I made it home. Almost.

My neighborhood was built in the early 1990s. Half of it is in the city and half is in the county. I was aware that the county doesn’t have it’s own plows – there’s a “Begin State Maintenance” sign at the city/county line. Just past that line my car hit foot and a half deep snow and stopped. Right in the middle of the road. I left it and walked the quarter mile home and crawled into bed.



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