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So far, so good

Had my second CI surgery today and am now bilateral.

I missed my pre-op appointment due to being snowed in from the storm Friday and Saturday with no plows in sight on my street. I was pretty worried but when I called to tell them they said just come for surgery, they could do everything then if I could get there. And by Tuesday morning my street had been cleared (72 hours later!). This actually worked out nice because I’d have had to stay down there from Monday to now for what clearly was an unessential visit.

Anyway, things went fine, about 3 hours, very minimal pain after and no percocet at all. I made a somewhat conscious effort to look awake and the nurse asked if I wanted to go home and if I wanted my clothes. After that I stayed awake. It seemes like they were much less cautious with me post-op than last time. Probably because last time was my first surgery ever and first experience with anesthesia. This time they had my CI on me as I woke up but the magnet wasn’t aligned until I adjusted it. No writing on paper like last time. They didn’t make me try to keep anything down and I had to ask for ginger-ale after.

We had a room to stay in if we needed it but since it was only 3:30 we decided to drive home. I slept most of the way but felt a lot better than last time just because I could hear Don without lipreading. Trying to lipread definitely made me nauseaus last time.

I did have gas bubbles and the bite of banana bread didn’t feel very good. When we go out of the car and started walking to the drug store I threw up all the water and gingerale and felt much better. Glad I hadn’t done that in the car, it had a lot of force. As Don said, the parking lot of the “sketchy” Food Lion was as good a place as any. 🙂

Then we had to wait for prescriptions. I talked with a man who looked like Santa and is into steel drum music. I need to look up his group, called the pan masters I think…

Now I had some ice cream and am heading to bed. I feel fine, tiny bit sore, bit annoyed by the bandage, it’s warm. Neck is a bit stiff and there’s goo&etc in my hair and I can’t wash it until whoknowswhen. But all minor issues. My biggest complaint is that there’s all this snow and I can’t go skiing.



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6 replies on “So far, so good”

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    Glad to hear things went well for you … sounds just like my second CI procedure…. a lot easier than the first ….

    Have a restful Holiday and let Santa Don take good care of you (ho! ho! ho!)

    .-= Dan Connell´s last blog ..(NL-0049) CI Surgery One week Later =-.

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    Wow…really amazing. I can’t believe it’s just in-and-out like that, but it’s both life-changing and so reviled. You’d think it was major surgery requiring hospitalization based on all the shows that feature it. Congrats on becoming bilateral! Is the period before activation going to be the same or can you get switched on sooner?
    .-= Meredith´s last blog ..Daily Digest for December 23rd =-.

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      Sara says:

      It’s really not bad at all. The old C-shaped scars were much worse most scars look like this now (borrowed from Dan above, mine you can’t see much of at all, too much hair, and I’m not sure it goes up that high either…)

      I have to wear the head bandage until Monday and might be going back for activation on Tuesday. About the same amount of time as last time, though some clinics/surgeons still make people wait 4 weeks. Only issue is that my surgeon is out on vacation all next week, his nurse told me I could see a resident next week when I called them to say I was snowed in… but then after surgery they made my appointment for the 4th without saying anything. When I mentioned it they said to call Monday and ask about that again since nobody will be in today or the rest of this week. The audiologists expect me on Tuesday but I have to see a doctor first before activation.

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    I’ve already been meaning to comment on Dan’s picture when he posted it in his blog, but then I thought he has Cochlear so perhaps that’s why. But now that you, Sara, say it I was wondering, is that one still is the standard incision today?
    (Mine and pretty much anybody else’s I know in Germany (not too many) are just the lower part, the “c” behind the ear where the processor gets to sit. No incision above the ear.)

    Sara, wish you all the best for an all bionic 2010!

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    miguel says:

    I am going for my 2nd CI later this winter, My doctor does the cut around the ear and I have to only wait 2 weeks until activation. I am very excited for you Sara. I will be looking forward to your reports on your progress.

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