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A really useless transcription

Barely enough to get the gist of what he’s saying…. could have done better just focusing on trying to hear.
I prefer using text relay versus captel. The relay operator is a better advocate than I am for myself.

Outcome: no CI activation until the 4th even though I had an appt scheduled for tomorrow with the audiologists. Surgeon is on vacation and residents are booked.

(Dialing your telephone number: )
(OUTBOUND:Dialing: )
(WebCapTel CA# C6658)Ringing 1 (F)ent clinic when he can help you ? < wendy > OK hold on 1 2nd Ringing 1
good morning an t
uh called on police (Tones) and < please >

Karl ent May I help you ?
ent crawl may help you < this is carl > Mm hmm hmm um lets see your are scheduled for the 4th that too Oh OK um the president can ask our are pretty overbooked at the present time there is 1 tomorrow and 1 the following day they usually have 15 patients and they have 20 to 22 um seconds you with that President clinic < resident > um we can leave the the that would be a post (speaker unclear) card < correct > right and
if you contract to keep (Speaker too quiet) that productive of major everything is going well
Oh OK alright
um there just isn’t isn’t uh uh opportunity to do that other than the scheduled time on the 4th (Speaker too quiet) of
what Marcia
OK OK bye bye is (Hung Up) Thk U Bye

CA#C6658 (Hung Up) Thk U Bye CA#C6658

The conversation has ended.



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5 replies on “A really useless transcription”

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    Ahh. This worries me.

    My school is going to try to use Sprint Web CapTel as captioning for class discussions/lectures, rather than CART or C-Print. What are your thoughts on this?
    I’ve never had any sort of transcription/captioning provided, even when I had almost no hearing (not that I didn’t ask…). They say I’d have to change schools, which while it isn’t out of the question, is not what I want to do at the moment.

    Do you think this is a pretty bad soltuion?

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    Sara says:

    I don’t think that’s an allowed use of captel if it’s really through captel??? The money comes from the FCC for phone calls. Even business conference calls are supposed to hire someone better.

    CART reporting with a stenographer works very well. Cprint is ok for note taking summaries but not equal access like CART or interpreters.

    That said, I’ve had someone suggest that to me before for meetings where people called in by conference call. It isn’t something Captel is designed to handle but there are remote-CART services for conference calls out there that are high quality, they generally aren’t free.
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..A really useless transcription =-.

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    T.S. says:

    While this isn’t the best transcription of a phone call I’ve ever seen, by posting that person’s operator number on the internet, you have put their job at risk. I hope it was worth it for you.

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      Sara says:

      You’d rather I report them directly? The transcript was barely usable let alone anywhere near the 98% accuracy promised by Sprint.

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    Dennis says:

    Sara, it is unfortunate that you had a Sprint CapTel experience that didn’t meet your expectations. I’d like to get some more details from you, if possible, so I can make sure that there’s anything we can do to improve this situation in the future. I’m interested in making sure that the next time you call in, you get the best captions ever. If you could just contact me via email, I’d be happy to follow up for you.

    I’m an avid reader of your blog for your CI experiences, so I’m glad I’m able to do what I can. Same goes for any of your other readers – let me know if there’s anything I can do about CapTel stuff.

    Dennis Selznick
    Development Mgr, Sprint
    dennis.a.selznick AT sprint DOT com

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