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4 Months Away

So it’s been over 4 months now since I quit my job. Regrets? Not yet! The business is going really well. I’ve engraved lots of iPads and need to do an exact count at some point but would estimate 100-150 or more. iPad cases are catching on lately too.

For a brief period of time I thought I might be going back to being an employee because I was offered a potential project at UVa with a fantastic supervisor and team. It was a really tough decision since I really wasn’t looking for work. False alarm though. The project didn’t change as expected and I wouldn’t have been interested even if they wanted me. Typical government BS… they had to have an answer immediately and then didn’t decide anything for over a month. Again, no regrets at all.

Right now I’m not extremely busy. I’m enjoying only working on what I want to work on, though paying work gets priority. I have been honing my software skills in CorelDraw (the laser uses it) and Illustrator. I’ve found a WordPress theme I just love for the web site. I’ve engraved lots of things for Research and Development and eventually I’d like to design some greeting cards or something like that to sell.


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