A year ago…

A year ago I was feeling pretty comfortable with my first CI. I’d survived the summer band concerts and was taking a class in Houston to prepare for the PE Exam. I remember the class being the first environment where I thought two CIs would help a lot. A large room, a sound system, ventilation system noises, and an unfamiliar teacher writing notes on the board. I got through it fine, but I’ve always gotten through school fine, even with a profound bilateral hearing loss and just hearing aids. Two CIs has been amazing though. When one of my batteries dies it takes me a few minutes to get used to just one again and I have to focus harder to hear. With two I’ve been able to eat in noisy restaurants with groups of people. I’m usually not...

Tagxedo Word Clouds

Tagxedo Word Clouds

I’ve been having fun playing with a site called Tagxedo (that’s like Tuxedo but with Tag). It’s similar to Wordle but has more features, like you can choose the shape you want your word cloud to appear in. This one is a list of all the songs that the saxophone ensemble I play with has performed. (click to embiggen)


This started as a Facebook status update but got way too long. I haven’t annouced it here yet have I? May 14 is my last day at USJ. People seem to think it’s Rupert’s “fault” that I’m leaving but it’s really not that specific. I like what I do here and I’ve worked for a lot of difficult people in other places before Rupert. I’m making the leap to self-employed entrepreneurship and this feels like a good time. It’s hard to run a side business and not want give it everything you’ve got… And now I’m about to have two side businesses. You’ll hear all about it soon. 🙂

It’s the little things

It’s the little things

Free Bird Originally uploaded by Southernpixel This morning I heard the beep on my car telling me I left my lights on. They were on only because it’s a bright sunny day and my commute is mostly due west and people can’t see what’s behind them (or coming towards them on a 2way road if they’re going into the sun). In that case it’s absolutely easy to forget to turn them off. The beep is very high pitched and not very loud because several hearing(?!) people told me before that it didn’t make a sound at all. I noticed something odd Monday when I was up and off to work an hour earlier than normal, everything sounded loud and uncomfortable, much like when I first got the CIs and put them on after having them off all night. I...

Dinner party

We were invited to dinner at a friend’s house last night.  There were seven of us all together and I had met all but one of them at least once before.  Last time we played a game called Loaded Questions.  I remember having to make people repeat things again and again when it was my turn to guess who said which answer. Last night we warmed up with a quick round of Apples to Apples, which I won, even though I was trying NOT to win after I got to 3 of the 5 cards needed.  Someone actually gave me the point for throwing ‘Cabbage’ in as a match for ‘Casual’.  What??  I really like Apples 2 Apples though because you don’t need to hear much at all. After that we played Trivial Pursuit for hours and hours and finally around...

Second (lett) Activation – December 29, 2009

Last night one of the local news weather people was asking on Twitter for favorite memories of 2009. I didn’t write in, but my favorite memory of 2009 was only a few hours old. My new CI was activated yesterday afternoon and after going through and setting the comfortable volume level on 11 electrodes three or four times (louder each time) it was finally turned on. The robot sing-song monotone voice was back but this time it was speech and not beeping. Don and Carrie sounded exactly the same but after five minutes that had already changed. With just the new ear I feel like I am about two or three weeks ahead of last time. With both sides together I’ve kept my eight months of progress with one CI and added to it. Already. .

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